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  " God's Kingdom Manifested Through A Restored And Relevant Church "
  • To create relationship between leaders of church ministries.
  • To share keys to successful church growth.
  • To enlighten each other concerning the prophetic timing.
  • To develop the ministries within the network through sharing of resources
  • To provide advisory, counselling, covering and prayer support within the network.
  • To create forums for fellowship through regular and effective communication.
  • To equip the leadership within the network with relevant knowledge and skills.
  • To utilize the resources within the network effectively.
  • To create and maintain a network infrastructure.
  • To develop competent church leadership.
  • To establish churches relevant to the people of today.
  • To solicit resources promoting the vision and mission of the network.
Leadership Model
  • Pluralistic leadership with an established order.
Core Values
  1. Love 5. Integrity
  2. Faith 6. Accountability
  3. Respect 7. Generosity
  4. Excellence  
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