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a. To establish an effective partnership, a network called Apostolic Leadership International Gospel Network called ALIGN has been formed.
b. Having collaborated, for more than five years, in fulfilling the Great Commission and coordinating social projects in various countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America, ALIGN seeks to establish a partnership relationship with one another to accomplish a greater purpose of restoring the Church and its service to humanity.
Trosgnistans Mission (Bethel Faith Ministries), Sweden hereafter referred to as the TGM or BFM.
Trosgnisten Misjon, Norway, hereafter referred to as the TG,
Maranatha Faith Assemblies, Kenya hereafter referred to as the MFA,
Faith Mission of Uganda, Uganda hereafter referred to as the FMU,
Faith Mission of Tanzania, Tanzania hereafter referred to as the FMT,
Maranatha Mission of Rwanda, Rwanda hereafter referred to as the MMR,
Indian Pentecostal Assemblies, India hereafter referred to as the IPA,
Charismatic Full Gospel Ministries, Philippins hereafter referred to as the CFGM,
Bethel Mision de Fe, Ecuador hereafter referred to as the BMF
1. ALIGN will be comprised of key leaders of the Partner Organizations.
2. ALIGN shall be served by an Executive Council consisting of at least nine members. The Council shall administer the     regular sessions of the network and provide counsel and support to the leadership of the partner organizations.
3. ALIGN shall appoint the chairman of the regular business of the network when they meet.
4. ALIGN activities shall be supported by donations and financial support of the member organizations. Standard     accounting procedures shall be maintained by such organizations.
5. ALIGN shall develop regular communication systems.
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